Best dua shayari for Love in hindi।Teri khusi ki Dua shayari।Meri Dua shayari status in hindi

Latest Teri Khusi Ki dua Shayari in Hindi

 Teri Khusi ka Dua shayari for Lovers those who always ,worship for Love near GOD.
Teri khusi ki  Dua shayri in hindi for Lovers,
Always wait for their  love in life.for their divine love they trust each other,And Have a faith that what ever may be the situation they will meet and Happily spend the entire life ,So always pray near Almighty GOD .

This Love  is based on true story : 

The Boy and girl Love each other,since five years,but they separate due to some misunderstandings,Both lover and beloved struggle all the pain and also suffered from family ,Their Love is not accepted by family,and their Society,Family also not approved thier Five years love because of Castism. But they Try to agree both the family,but Their Family fix both Mairrage in different places.Sudden A moment came ,After 6 month they meet again meet each other in A Orphanage ,Where they Meet first time ,On their birthday both went to orphanage and offering some Foods,gifts to the Little children of Orphanage.

 On that moment they Decide To elope But the girl again said ,no i am Not going to do any wrong decisions befalf of my family. The girl again try to agree to his elder and younger brother ,But after a lot of discussion her younger Brother become agree ,but not her Father and Elder brother  ,And Her younger  brother give her a opinion to Eloped and Marry to His Lover. 

Same situation Happen d in Boy family , But the Some Friend and Relatives  support ,Both of their love and Girls with the other religion (Muslim)and Boy with other religion(Hindu) ,Both Mairrage in traditional Hindu Religion and Happily spend their Mairrage life.The God Always Make support for their Love in every situation.Because Love is Worship,So Dua sabka Kabool hota hai agar Sachhai ho ush Mohaabat mein .this Dua shayari For Love,share with your friends.

Teri Khusi ki dua shayari 

Fir se Lout ayi woh khusi 

jo maine dua ki thi 

Najar na lage mere pyar ko 

jishe pane ke liye itna tarasti thi  

The Dua shayari is worship near god for someone "teri Salamati ka dua " .The person who is most important in life we all always keep worried about it. In this situation how he/she live there ,What he/she eat etc. The best part of Dua means the Divine worship near the God that how much your take care of the Person without knowing them. The selfless love you load them near All mighty good that "Dua Kabool ho ".

Khuda se kuch mango toh Har ek ki dua kabool hota hai,Jo sache dil se ibadat karta hai.
Dua Kabool ho gayi Shayari in hindi

This Dua shayari in hindi , express the feelings of Love near god ,that Whenever he presents always God keep with him. Almighty God protect my Love and Save him from all the difficulties,and Always stay with him like a Protected Sheild.

Dua karte hain khuda se ki,
Ek bar bas ek bar humare uss Chand ka ek jhalak hume dikhlade toh , 
humara din ban jaye.

Dua kubool kia hai Khudah ne humara ,
Jisko sapno me socha aaj uska sath hume mila hai..

For the Khusi ki dua hindi shayari express the selfless love .for more Hindi shayari keep Updated with us.

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