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Sambalpuri  romantic Love shayari 

The Sambalpur and sambalpuri shayari is the best way of express the Feelings, those you love. In sambalpuri language or delict, most popular sambalpuri songs and its lyrics are always uses in folk songs in locality.

 Here, we wrote some Sambalpuri new romantic love shayari, hope you all like it.This Sambalpuri Love shayari Image  also use in whatsaap,Instagram and Facebook for Status.

In this Sambalpuri Khanti Love shayari writing the the Boy try to Express his love towards the girl, but the girl is refuse his love, after a lot of try girls get angry and the boy saying sorry with some beautiful lines in Sambalpuri language.the Latest new  Khanti Kancha Sambalpuri shayari reflects the Lovable feelings of heart.

         Sambalpuri love shayari image 
   Kosli Sambalpuri Latest shayari  

             Hae lo ae mor sundri 

            Tui kete kahibu nei nei 

Din samiya bitijiba tor enti kahi kahi  

        Tui khuji bhul le bhi nei mile 

       Tote mor para au diwana kahi

New Sambalpuri Breakup Shayari 

Sambalpuri Breakup Shayari is the real Fact ,when the Girl is Shown to be Simple Herself and Cheat the Boys ,But When the reality came out the The Girl Caught ,Because She cheated and that moment the Boys Left from her Life .You also Listen Many Sambalpuri Songs in Western Odisha ,the Most popular songs of Smbalpuri is based on Sambalpuri shayari lyrics.This Samablpuri Shayari Is a Fictious,Express the Feeling Of both the Lover and Beloved. This Samabalpuri shayari Photo of New latest Sambalpuri breakup also use for Whatsaap status.

    Sambalpuri breakup shayari status image

The viewer can Also Share this Sambalpuri Dard bhara Dhoka Breakup shayari image. Also use in Sambalpuri shayari sms,Sambalpuri Instagram reels, Whatsapp & Facebook stories. You can also download Sambalpuri shayari status image for Wahatsaap and share your friends in Sms message.sambalpuri Shayari are always touch the heart of People of Sambalpur Known as Sambalpurias.The As a Sambalpuri shayari Quotes  Writer I am represents Sambalpuri Sayaris.

Tor bholi cehra dekhi tote bhal pai thili 

Tote jiban Sathi bhanmi boli Chahu thili

Tui toh khiladi baharilu Hae lo Ae nani 

Tor haqikat janla pare Breakup kari deli. 

Here the Sambalpuri shayari in English is describe the Khanti Sambalpuri bhasa .

 Khanti Shayari Samabalpuri in Kosli Language 

   ତୋର ଭୋଳି ଚେହେରା ଦେଖି ତୋତେ ଭଲ ପାଇ ଥିଲି 

        ତୋତେ ଜୀବନ ସାଥୀ ବନମି ବୋଲି ଚାହୁଥିଲି 

      ହେଲେ ତୁଇ ତୋ ଖିଲାଡ଼ି ବାହାରିଲୁ  ହଏ ଲୋ ଏ ନାନୀ 

    ତୋର ହକିକତ ଜନଲା ପରେ Breakup କରି ଦେଲି ।

Sambalpuri Attitude Shayari for Girlfriend 

Sambalpuri Shayari Dialogue is Famous in every Sambalpuri Songs and Sambalpuri Lyrics. Here the Sambalpuri Attitude Shayari for girlfriend, Emphasizes the situation where the Girlfriend left his Boyfriend for Some personal reason, The boy Know all the Act or drama play by the Innocent looking girl and answer to her reply with this attitude dialogue. 

Breakup attitude shayari in Sambalpuri 

Tui Chadi chali jimi kahile,bhi au farak nei pade 

Sun Bindass rahi janli na ,au kahake nei dare. 

 ତୁଇ ଚାରି ଚାଲି ଜୀମି କହିଲେ,ଭି ଆଉ ଫରକ୍ ନେଇ ପଡ଼େ 

ସୁନ Bindass ରହି ଜନଲି ନା ,ଆଉ କହାକେ ନେଇ Dare ।

Sambalpuri shayri in English 

This Sambalpuri shayari express the feeling of Boyfriend that whose girlfriend is left for some reason ,behalf of that the Boyfriend told to his ex girlfriend that I am Not afraid to any one ,because I learn how to live without depending on others. 
  Even if you leave,it won't matter to me 
  Taught to live cool,I will not fear anyone

Sambalpuri Love Shayri  status for Girlfriend 

In this Shayri Boy Loves his girlfriend so Deeply ,But Girl think about the Caste and Society,The family oppose their love,after a lot of Difficulty the Boy and girl Meet in a temple and They Hugged each other and the Boy Try to Understand his beloved Girlfriend that Every thing is fair in love and War. So He asked her a question that "Do you love me or not" girls reply yes ,but the Caste is not support to us. The boy hold her hand and try to understand that There is no Boundaries or Caste in the Pure love....U only Support me I will do every thing.. 

        Sambalpuri Love shayari status photo

Sun Lo ae mor sundri Kajalapati

Bhal paribar ta nei mane kichi jati 

Tui khali thare "hmm" kahide  

Tote banami mor jiban Sathi  

ସୁନ୍ ଲୋ ମୋର ସୁନ୍ଦରୀ Kajalapati
ଭଲ ପାଇବାର ଟା ନେଇ ମାନେ କିଛି jati 
ତୁଇ ଖାଲି ଥରେ ହ କହିଲେ 
ତୋତେ ବାନାମି ମୋର ଜୀବନ Sathi ।

Odia Sambalpuri Attitude Shayari 

This is the new Sambalpuri shayari dialouge ,the boys says to the girl whom he love initially,but after know the truth that Girl betray the boy and keep to the friendzone,then the Boy tell the Girl that don't show your attitude it's will be vanish after some time ,when you get married. 

Hae Lo ae Mor sundri sajani 

Kahi hauchu tui ete futani

Besi din nei Rahe

Tor e fulei chahani  

ହଏ ଲୋ ମୋର Sundri ସଜନୀ 
କାହିଁ ହଉଚୁ ତୁଇ ଏତେ ଫୁଟାନି
ବେଶୀ ଦିନ ନେଇ ରହେ 
ତୋର ଇ fulei ଚାହାଣି

Best Sambalpuri Shayari in hindi 

Sambalpuri Song & Sambalpuri shayari dialouge famous all over the Odisha. The popularity of local Sambalpur peoples(Sambalpuri /Koshli) is the Different kinds of language. In Odisha the Popular Western Odisha is the Only region where the Language is differ By the every 40 to 100 kms. This is the One Of the regional Sambalpuri shayari in hindi ,where the Boy express its love with its feeling.

  Oh meri Sambalpuri nani 

  Tu kyu karti hai itna futani

     Jyada din nhi rahega 

   Tera yeh fulei chahani

     Banija mor Sajani 

 Tote banei kari rakhmi mor rani 

Samabalpuri Odia Shayari Love story 

This is a Sambalpuri sad shayari love story,is a  short Story of a boy Abhisekh,the story is Fictious ,but based on true incident,the story  start from the  boy who studied in the Seven hills Residential school sambalpur ସମ୍ବଲପୁର,Who fall in One sided love with a girl Sushmita. Once the
Sushmita Wear in a Sambalpuri sharee ,on the Freshers day, Abhisekh saw his eye expression and dance moves and fall in love.

 After all the event Abhishek told his friend that plsease Introduced with her,after a lot of discussion her Friend boby make him Introduced with her,But sudden a Boy Amit who performed in that Freshers day,he wish to the Sushmita and Sushmita also Give a smile and said you also dance well ,your Breakdance move was impressive,After see all these things infront of him,he got jealous and Came out from there.

Next day Susmita Came to college and Abhishek watch from the Hostel Balcony he feel 
Happy,that Susmita come alone and think that it's the good time for Make her friend. Actully the Susmita is a day scholar student and Abhishek is Saty in Boarding residential school smabalpur,Abhishek get ready with the college uniform very quick and went to the class, again he watch the Amit who talk with Sushmita ,he got angry and won't go to the class.

 Next day he try to wrote a letter ,that he like her so much ,He try to give this letter to her friend Bobby ,but unfortunately it reach to the other girl ,Minakshi .she was the class topper of the Smabalpur school. She went to the boarding school director and the director punished the Abhisekh. The Whole Boarding school student saw him and talking about Abhisekh,How he gave a letter to Minakshi ,infront of All schools he seems a bad boy. 

Sushmita Also feel same about her,after this incident Abhishek not Came to school for some days,then He Focused on study and Prove all of them wrong and Got Roped in the 12th preboard exams,Also Got Topped in 12th result.

All those who think wrong about him ,all face down and In Last farewell meet Abhishek said the about the letter incident to the Sushmita, Sushmita after listen from him ,she got so sad and said sorry ,she said Now I like you ,Can we friends now,but the Abhishek said that Amit is your frnd ,At  finally in last meet he proposed her and said  I love You in Sambalpuri language ,"Mui tumku bahut bhal paishi "after listen these Sushmita was shocked.

Then Abhishek explained every thing  that what I am today the reason is only because of you,so I love you life long, but I know that you and Amit are Very close to each other,All these words Abhishek said and Left from the boarding school sambalpur. The moral of Story that He achive all those things because of true dedication to Prove all of them wrong ,who laugh at him.

Tor lagi thili mui pagal diwana 

Kichi nei bujhi kari karlu mana 

Dekh jiti gali aji sara jamana 

Tui ekha mor pakhe nei na suna. 

Khanti Sambalpuri sad shayari in Kosli Odia 

ତୋର ଲାଗି ମୁଇ ପାଗଳ ଦିୱାନା 
କିଛି ନେଇ ବୁଝି କରି କରଲୁ ମନା 
ଦେଖ ଜିତି ଗଲି ସାରା ଜମାନା 
ତୁଇ ଏଖା ମୋର ପାଖେ ନେଇ ନ ସୁନା

In Koshli Khanti Kancha Sambalpuri Odia Shayari ,here try to Focus the Every Moment Of past life's Stories of Western Odisha,There are Many Story Tales present in the Sambalpur western Odisha,This Shayari is the Real life incident of one of my Best friend,when he Found her Beloved girlfriend Sambalpuri Nani ,and Proposed her .

    jebe tui pidhshu e Sambalpuri sharee 
Tote dekhle mui hesi diwana re mor bawri 
     Kahi tui enta mote tadpasu lo nani 

   Abujha hauchu ke tui sabu  Jani Jani 

When you have wear, Sambalpuri sari 
Whenever I see you ,this is must be crazy 
         Why do you suffer like this nani 
  You are pretending to know everything...

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