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Latest Heart touching Breakup shayari  

When anyone Fall in love,that felling is Never expressed in a few words.Life is like a thread,its break any moment, like Those who Get there Love into their life, may be that peron are the Luckiest one to become a Couple and Spend the entire life happily.There are also few People who Lost their Love, because of some circumstances in life.these peron or fellow still remember their love. 

Breakup shayari shows the Heart break feelings of person those who fell deeply in love. For Breakup there are a lot of  things & reasons behind it. it's may be personal or by Misunderstanding. Research says that the Reason of breakup is the lot of Possisivnes in relationship. 

Some researcher and Lot of people's says that the Most breakup done by the Girls,why there is lot of reasons supporting it. Th abstract things like Jealousy,arrogance ,ego ,Demanding. All these these things crates Difficulty and Makes Differences in Love Relationship.The Estimated factual reason for Break is also the unrealistic argument and this moment not take more time to Change the behaviour and forget every thing and Carving the Fault of each other.

So better option for save the relationship from breakup ,first solve the misunderstanding and then automatically realises whose fault it was ? If any fault then said sorry for that ,this is the best opinion for Saving the Relationship.

Here The Breakup shayari in hindi, remembered the Moment of life,that when he/she is never with you, But still how much you missed her absence and Always Curse the Situation, that if again that moment came back,the Persons get Realize to his /her Belove that How much  you love... Here Two liner heart touching Breakup shayri reflects the Love of Boyfriend or Girlfriend. 

Bewafa chahat Breakup shayari 

Bewafa shayari you may be heared in many Song lyrics. In most the indian bollywood cinema you get this common word "Bewafa". The bewafa is not only the words it's the feeling of the person who got betrayed from his/her lover or beloved. Here the Breakup shayari on bewafa is for the Girl who cheat and betrayed for love. Love doesn't means that Using some one for a purpose ,Love means the selfless nature that how you know the person and crazy for its behaviour. In this Story girl Initially love  the boy and they both Breakup in their relationship ,because the boy is not able to fullfill all her demands .

After a long time of breakup they both meet in a place ,the girl got married ,The Girl was not changed and again showing her status ,after few moments her husband came and said meet our new boss.She got shocked ,when he want to know that the person is the CEO of that company where her husband works. This is the one Fictious story to keep remember that Life is always we won't know the future ,what will be happen in life.

   Sath Chor diya Breakup shayari in hindi

           Bhaut khub nibhaya tumne

                   mere pyar ka sath

             Aab koi aur mila tumhe toh

                 chor diya mera hath.

                     बहुत खूब निभाया तुमने

                     मेरे प्यार का साथ

                  अब कोई और मिला तो

                     छोड़ दिया मेरा हाथ         

                    Well done you

                     With my love

        Now if someone else is found

                       Left my hand   

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  Bejuban Halat shayari in hindi 

Here in this Bejuban halat shayari is the Boyfriend told to  girlfriend that ,why you do with me ,first you love me ,then all your motive completed then gone from my life ,when you got hold someone's else hand.

     Bejuban hae Mere dil ki halat

       Toh Aab  ishe samjhau  kaishe

       Jab tu hi chali gayi ish dil se  

        Toh Aab  ishe dhadkau kaishe 

      ''       बेज़ुबान हें मेरे दिल का हालत

               तो अब इसे समझाऊ कैसे ||

            जब तू ही चली गयी इस दिल से

              तो  अब इसे धड़काऊ कैसे ||         


My heart condition is unique

  So let me explain how

When you have gone from this heart

         So how to fire it now

Breakup Shayari for boyfriend

In real life, the Situations come where the many boyfriend and Girlfriend got breakup, Few of them try to solve the misunderstanding, but most of them are not able to Saw the situation and Move on.After some days of realisation, couples try to Patch up, but the Ego, Attitude kills everything, Because of loss of self-respect and Blame each other for the faults. Here the New latest breakup Hindi Shayari for girlfriend shows the Realisation of the Situation After a breakup.

Jab tumne Tanha kar diya mujhe apne jindagi se 

tab kyu nhi ayi meri yaad 

Jab mein tumhe call kar ke roti thi har din aur raat 

Tab toh tum bilkul bhi nhi karte thae baat

Ab jab meri shadi ho rahi hai kisi aur ke sath 

toh bol rahe ho ki baby chor ke na jao mera sath

Breakup Shayari ब्रेकअप शायरी in hindi

जब   तुमने तन्हा कर दिया मुझे अपने जिंदगी से 

तब क्यों नहीं आयी मेरी याद ।

जब में  तुम्हे call करके रोती थी हर  दिन और रात

तब तो तुम बिलकुल भी  नहीं करते थे बात ।

अब जब मेरी शादी किसी और से  हो रही है 

तब आके कहते हो कि baby छोड़ के न जाओ मेरा साथ  ।

When you made me lonely with my life

Why didn't you remember then?

When I used to call you and cry every day and night

Then you did not talk at all.

Now when I am getting married to someone else

Then you come and say do not leave baby and stay with me .

New Love Breakup sad Shayari Lyrics in hindi   

This is the heart touching breakup shayari that make you cry ,The ture  real fellings of a boy after her girlfriend left without any reason .this sad Love breakup shayari in hindi is the real story of a boy Named badal ,he is the writer of this Hindi shayari. Lyrics. so please read this and share this poetry in whatsapp status and SMS.

Teri kuch saman hain, jab tuh aye toh lejana (2) 
Teri kuch yadein hain, jab tuh aye toh lejana
Lejana woh lamhe jo hum ne sath bitaye the
Dejana woh woh waqt jo tere piche humne barwad kiye the
Lejana wo batein jo sambhal ke rakha tha humne
Dejana wo Qasme wadein jo sath milke  khayethe humne
Teri kuch saman hain, jab tuh aye toh lejana
Teri kuch yadein hain, jab tuh aye toh lejana 

This sad Breakup story is came from the core of the heart ,which tells that the treasure of Love in my heart ,for you will be never dies. Mere dil me tere qadar sambhal ke rakha hai.

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