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Love Anniversary Shayari for All

Shayarimeet is the journey of Galti se shayar, Here I wrote My Love Feeling Towards My Girl friend. Aniversary shayari wishes is Beautiful moment for Mairrage couples to Celebrate and wishes to their wife in a writable notes and Gift cards . 

All having some important moment in life, After Falling in Love or When You proposed some one then Its the Most Happiest Day,Being for remembered the Part of that day, always celebrate anniversary.

Here I wish my  Girlfriend with the Love anniversary shayari in hindi ,when we again meet in our First day Love spot. all heard about Mairrage anniversary. Mairrage rishta is life long Vow between husband and Wife.

Its the celebration after A year of Happily Mairred Couples, But few of Known About Love anniversary..Yes what You heard its right. The Love Anniversary, to remember the Day of Love,celebrate Love Anniversary.

Love anniversary Shayari with Romantic लव शहायारी ,लव shayari sms wishes, Always keep to be First priority  in our life. 

Here, remembering the The Day Of love, present some Latest shayari for  Love anniversary in hindi,Shayari in hindi, Love shayari to express How Much we Love a Person and the Importance of live. 

The expression of Love is never uttered in these two lines,But the person knows that the time for your BF/GF is most important that The Purity of Your love.

Love Anniversary shayari for Promise

 Promises are one of the trust worthy things in life. Make promises is not a big deal but always keep that promises is very important for every person. Here the Boyfriend & Girl friend keep promises for their relationship.

This Love,Ishq,Pyar,shayari says about the life of couples,that always remember there is a person who is always special in your life.

what ever may be the situations keep promises that tackle with a Understanding Nature. The promises have no boundaries ,but the most important thing that how you keep that promises with the confirmed mind.

"Mera yeh Jindagi ab tere naam kardiya

    Jabse Tune hai mera Sath dediya "

     Happy  Love Anniversary 

         मेरा ये जिंदगी तेरे नाम करदिया 

         जबसे तुने मेरा साथ देदिया

           My life is your name 

       Ever since you supported me 

Teri Mohhabat mein mera dil sabkuch khodiya

       bina Kuch mange ab yeh tera hogaya 

                Happy लव एनिवर्सरी Baby 

     तेरी Mohhabat में मेरा दिल सबकुछ खोदिया 

          बिना कुछ मांगे अब ये तेरा Hogaya 

  Love anniversary Sms Shayari in hindi 

" Jab Pehli Dafa dekha tha tujhe

Khuda se Dua mein tujhko hi mangta

       When I saw you first time 

   God only begs you in blessings

   Happy Love anniversary Jaan

" Jindagi Jina aur bhi asahn hogaya

   Jabse tumhara sath hai milgaya

        जिंदगी जीना और भी आसान होगया 

           जबसे तुम्हारा साथ है मिलगाया । 

              Life becomes easier 

            Since you are with me 🙂

Happy Love anniversary Baby 

This Love shayari is for the Couples who again fall in love ,forgot all their past relations ,Keep promise and Wishes each other for built the New relationship with each other. Here the Lover Wishes Happy anniversary Shayari in hindi to his beloved Girlfriend.  

" Socha tha Ki Kabhi Pyar Dubara na karenge

Lekin Jabse tumse rubaru hue,Tumne fir se dil ko Jina Sikha diya "

Happy love anniversary My beloved.

Anniversary is the special moment that celebrates a new married couple, those who successfully completed a year happily like a Perfect Couple. In somehow Love Anniversary is also same important for Boyfriend and girlfriend those who dedicated to their relationship status, These Love birds Committed and take a vow that always Holds Hands to Protect the relation Ship.

           Kismat me Milaya hum dono ko 

           Dur hai tumse toh kya,Fir bhi    

   hamesha tum hi ko chahenge jindagi me

            किस्मत ने मिलाया हम दोनों को 

            दूर है तुमसे toh क्या,फिर भी 

               हमेशा तुम को ही चाहेंगे जिंदगी में ।

Mairred anniversary Shayari for wife

This Mairrage anniversary shyari represents the New Mairrage couple ,those successfully completed happily  the life toughest time .This event is very special for the Couple ,they celebrate these ocassion or event with the Family and Friends. 

The Couples wishes each other with a beautiful roses or flowers,lots of surprises with a Beautiful arrangements. Some couple trip for the travel to visits many Famous places like Goa,Kerla,Hong Kong ,Thailand..

 Meri baby pack karlo Suitcase mein saman 
Goa Mein Karenge Honeymoon aur beach me aram 

Here this shayari for Mairrage anniversary husband & wife wishes each other for happily completed one year and Also keep promises for holding hand with life long. 

 Love Promise Shayari For Hubby/Husband 

Here the Love Promise shayari for Husband,Where the wife says his husband to be always be My life parther , जिंदगी का साथी Ban ke rehna,My dear Hubby Hamesha mere sath dena,Mein hu tumhari लुगाई ,कभी भी मत करना जुदाई।I am Your Loving वाईफ ,Don't Be Separate from me,alwyas with me still my Life. If any reasonable Circumstances come in life ,then both Make a try to Find the Solution,which also Safe our Love life ,without Creating issue. So keep all these Promises in my life,JindagiOh mere Hubby, hamesha mere True Divine Pyar Ko sath rakhna .
         Thama hai हाथ mera 

       toh hamesha sath dena 

         Jitna bhi मुश्किल aye 
      Hamesha yaad rakhna

   Yeh जिंदगी to ab tumhari hai 

   Ishe apne दिल ke pass rakhna 

          थामा है हाथ मेरा

         तोह हमशा साथ देना

         जेतना भी मुस्काईल आए
             हमेशा यद रखना 

          ये जिन्दगी तो अब तुम्हारी है

          ईश आपे दिल के पास रक्खा 

             My hand is held

          To always be with you

          Zetna also come to smile
              Always keep

           This life is yours now

           Ish ape near your heart

Here Love anniversary Shayari, represents the Lovely moment of Lovers in their life.this is the Most memorable experience which never utter in a Single meaning of life. The Together Promises are valuable in Life. Promises are Keep for holding hand for life time,Khawish karte hai ki Tumhara Hath hamesha mere Dil ke najdeek ho.

Jindagi ki har ek pehlu tumse hi suruwat hua 
        Khatam bhi hoga toh tumpe hi 

Bas Life long Meri Yehi Dua hai ki ,hum jaha bhi rahe Dono sath rahe 

For more Romantic Hindi Shayari for love, keep join with us. here we update the latest Hindi Shayari for love Marriage anniversary Shayari SMS soon. 

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