Intezaar shayari in hindi | Two liner waiting shayari for Lover in hindi & English

Intezaar Love shayari in Hindi (Waiting Quotes)

Every one Wait in life for some Moment to Get the best one. Waiting  never ends in life. But its end for a Period of Time. Like some times we all wait for The right time, when that time will come, Means the Waiting is over. Lets take an example Students waits for exams, after finished  the exams Plan for Vacations. There are plenty  of instance on Waiting.

But here the situation  Might be different ,Waiting Also Becomes pain full those fall in love. Love for waiting Shayri or Quotes, Exprees the Moment that How you feel about the Person, That You wait For a long.

Waiting or Intezaar shayri, express the Feeling of Love, How much you missed your beloved absence, When she Tell you to meet but With some Situation she Never come near you and The Worried situation express in waiting  Two liner shayri for Some one the Main feeling  Express about the Person, Who waits a Long and keep belief  that Wait for Some more times, and then She will be come and Said Sorry.

The Lover waits or Intezaar  for His beloved path. The intezaar shayari in hindi & english for Girlfriend,that How much he doing True love, to wait till she is not come.

      Ek Lamha tere Intezaar mein Shayri

Tujhe ek lamha dekhne ko kitna tadapta hu

Lekin tu hae ki bewajah bahane banate rehti hai.

तुझे एक लम्हा देखने को कितना तड़पता रहता हूँ

लेकिन तू हे की बेवजह  बहाने बनाते रहती हे |

When You wait for some one answer for long time, But suddenly that moment she express her Life situation,that its Not possible that we always together.My Life is Fixed with some Other person, I am really sorry. Please Forget me and stay happy.

    Waiting shayri on Time

Intezaar shayri on Time Two liner, said about the moment that you feel on her few Words.every Wish and Want are break in life like a Piece of mirror... At that time Some Quotes On waiting come from the heart, that why this is only happend with me.. Why i Never Exprees my Heart feeling early.. 

Intezaar ka waqt kabhi nhi hae rukta 

Yeh har bar koi naya wajah he lata 

Waiting always describes that person importance in the real life.the Situation for Waiting a long time express In this waiting shayari in hindi .
Here You get the Waiting Quotes in hindi,for More Intezaar Hindi shayari keep updated with us.

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