Best Hindi shayari for Newly mairred life

New Mairrage life Shayari 

Mairrag Life means the Holding of each other hands and make promises for the whole life. Some times peoples told that pairs are made in heaven,So Mairrage life shayari in hindi ,express the Lovely moment of the New Couples , where they chose the Life partner with their choices.the Happy Mairrage life starts the new journey  Together till the Rest of Life .

When The newly bride come with his husband to her new home.there is a Some traditional culture in India or in hindu religion that he kicked the Kalash and enter to the home.

 Most of the people and wise man says that the Laxmi come to the house with her foot prints. Now all hope that the house is always full with the happiness .

Paawan ho gaya mere ghar ka aangan
Jab Tumne rakha pehla kadam
Puri ho gayi meri sari khwaish
Jab se bani tum meri dulhan

पावन हो गया मेरे घर का आँगन

जब से तुमने रखा पहला कदम

 पूरी हो गयी मेरी सारी ख्वाहिश

 जब से बनी तुम मेरी दुल्हन 

Writer : Rajat raj 

It's Is me who previously wrote all shayari in Your quotes ,but now all available in Shayarimeet Website.

Mairrage Life wishes Shayari for Wife  in hindi 

airrage life is the happiest journey for the Couples In their life ,so here the Copules are eager to know each other and Get try to know each other ,Some marraige are Arranged and Some mairrages are love ,but in arragnge mairrages it will take some time to know each other perfectly. Some sweet Moment are Captured in the Photo Canvas ,both are Took each other hands and Take a vow for Keep holding hands for life time. No matter how much difficulties or Strom Came we Both Stood together to Solve the Misunderstanding. 

Suruwat kar raha hu apne jindagi ke kishe 

Kyuki ab Yeh bhi ho gaye tumhare hishe 

Haq Ki baat kabhi mat karna tum 

Kyuki Haqdar ko dil me kabka rakh chuke 

    Ab jindagi kardiya tumhare naam 

      Ishe salamat rakhna meri jaan 

     सुरुवात कर रहा हूं अपने जिंदगी के किशे 

      क्युकी अब यह भी हो गए तुम्हारे हिशे 

          हक की  बात कभी मत करना तुम 

         क्युकी हकदार को कबका दिल दे चुके 

Mairrage is a wonderful tradition ,where the lot of Rasam and rituals are keeping the Beauty of Mairrage ceremony. In this Mairrage ceremony All the relatives and the In-laws involve to present the Occasion,So every where Is a happiest ,The houses were decorated with a Blassom flowers and Lighting with very beautiful. The Elders of the Family and relatives all involves to Complete the Mairrage ceremony with a Happy and Merry making. The bride & groom family are Happy and enjoy the each Event . 

Mairrage Life wishes shayari for Bride in hindi 

The Bride is the Centre of attraction In the entire Mairrage,she wears and Traditional with Modern Custom for make herself more glorious. bride is Cried when the time of Bidai moment Came up,She left every one in the family and Go to his inlaws house. All wish Happy Which is a Permanent home for her life the Mairrage life shayari in hindi for Bride , बेटी की शादी के लिए बधाई संदेश describes the situation after her Mairrage bidai. It's the Pathetic time where the Bride hold his father arm and Cried a lot. 

           Lado Chali meri  Sasural 

         Ghar ab lagega pura behal  

Duniya mein kyun aishi rit banayi jati hai 

  Jaha ek baap se beti ki Judai ho jati hai  

            लाडो चली मेरी ससुराल 

              घर अब लगेगा बेहाल 

  दुनिया में क्यूं ऐशी रित बनाई जाती है

 जहा एक बाप से बेटी को हमेशा की जुदाई हो जाती है ।

For more Mairrage life shayari keep join with us.after Mairrage there are lot of responsibility for a new bride in her law's house.

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