Zindagi ki Talash shayari in hindi|Pyar ki Talash shayari & Poetry

 Zindagi mein khud  Ki Talash mein Hum

Talash shayari is for someone those who always Searching the importance of life.

Zindagi ki Talash shayari, is express the feeling of the Own Destiny.Every Person have its Own Choice of Life that How to spend life,In reality All Adjusting with the life, But still find their Better searching in life to reach their Presized Destiny.Peoples always search the best for sustain their life.

In real world all need Love, sucess and better life.So Manzil ki talash shayari and Mohhabat aurZindagi mein  Pyar ki Talash shayari, emphasizes the Reality of Life. Apni hi talah karne chala mein "खुद की तलाश शायरी " Search of my own presence .

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 Zindagi ki Talsh Two liner Quotes 

Some times we searching the Destination of life in many different ways. Life Always Come infront of us with a Challenging way,But some of them are tackle the situation and Walk with the path. Life always Present us an Opportunity that how you Find your Path ."Jindagi jitni ashan lagti hai, utni hoti nhi hai mere dost. 

Hum hamesha Acche din aur Achhi jindagi ki Talash me rehte hai.this two liner shayari on Zindagi ki talash in hindi
          Zindagi ki talash mein
       Chal pade Anjan raah par

              जिंदगी की तलाश में 
        चल पड़े अनजान राह पर 

Jindagi Me Sangharsh ke Raste Hindi Shayari

Jindagi yuhi guzar jayegi bhatakte bhatakte 

Bas tumhe sirf Manzil ka pehchan  hona chahiye  

Sangharsh toh Sabke Hisso me hota hai 

Par kamiyabi ke liye ishi rasto me jana padta hai

       जिंदगी यूंही गुजर जाएगी भटकते भटकते 

बस तुम्हे सिर्फ मंज़िल का पता होना चाहिए ।

 Latest Zindagi ki Talash shayari in hindi. 

In reality all life are different ,because it's give a chance to Following and Keep focus to fullfill your dream. Zindagi me hamesha Balance karke chalna padta hai. 

              Sabki jindagi Kyu alag hoti hai 
      Kyuki woh hame kuch batana chahti hai
                Jo galti humse hua tha 

   Ushe  sikhne ka mouka deti hai 

          सबकी जिंदगी क्यूं अलग होति है
           क्युकी वो हमे कुछ  बताना चहती है
                  जो गलिति हुमसे हुआ था

                 उसे सीखने का मोका देती है ।
          Why is everyone's life different
                Because she is raining a bit
                       The fault happened

                         Makes him learn

Zindagi ki Sukun ki talash Hindi Shayari 

In life every one want to stay Happy ,for happiness ,we always follow to fullfill our deram and wishes for Live a better life. 

For making our Perfect life ,we left many people or ignore them ,For a Moment ,this things Creates a Gap between the relationship ,So when we get time to realize then the Time was past , we only regrets our own self to say the sorry for Hurting them. In this Sukun ki talash shayari in hindi says about the things happen in our surroundings for making thr perfection of life ,and what are the problem arises when we all rush to get the better life,when we back no one with you who support in your life,then we actually realizes that what fault we all did . Sukun ki talash mein hum kya kar jate hai ,aksar woh baad me yaad dilata hai.
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               Me Intezaar karta hu 
           Aaj bhi teri chahat ka 
      bas tu  ek bar maaf karde 
   Toh Sukun milega mujhe Rahat ka

                   में इंतेज़ार करता हु
                आज भी तेरी चाहत का
               बस तू इक बार माफ़ करदे
          तोह सुकुन मिलेगा मुझे राहत का 

                  I wait
            Still your love
       Just forgive me once
        It will give me a  relief


      Pyar ki Talash Shayari  

Pyar ki talaash shayari is express the dream of women that ,what she needed in in his love. The girl not need the money or any Luxurious life from his boyfriend or husband. 

She wants Some time that the person understand her Feeling of Love and Spend some time to make her Happy.
In this Pyar ki talash or Find for Love express the Situation of the Girl .What kind of Person she wants in her life. 

Talash hai kisi aise shaksh ki❤

jo hume apna banaye❤❤

तलाश  हे किसी ऐसे  सख्श की
जो हमें अपना बनाये

Talash hai kisi aise shaksh ki,

jo har raah pe hame chalna sikhaye❤❤

तलाश हे किसी ऐसे शख्श  की
जो हर राह पे हमें चलना सिखाये 

Talash hai kisi aise shaksh ki 
 jo khud roke mujhe hasaye❤❤

तलश हे किसी ऐसे शख्श की
जो खुद रोके मुझे हँसाए 

Talash hai kisi aise shaksh ki,

jo mere khatir kuch bhi kar jaye ❤❤

तलाश हे किसी ऐसे शख्श की
जो मेरे खातिर कुछ भी कर जाये 

Zindagi ki talash Quotes in hindi 

Zindagi or Life ,Life is so special for every one. In our surroundings theres are Many people struggle for better life,for which they are keep trying and improving themselves for Live a perfect life.In life journey the Destinations are matter ,but we stick with one thing always ,that is the Dedication to achive goals. 

The Goal of life are Not define in a single meaning,beafore achieve any gaol in life , decided the Way of Aim ,then it will be fruitful to achive the Longterm goal ,which makes the Life sucess.Tab Jake Jindagi Ki talash me Sukun milegi. 

For Achieve the Goal of life we all Keep focus and plan on the Strategic life. Strategic life means the all things we get with in a time.because the time is very precious so what we want with in time. But in reality some get to the achive goal soon and some are reach in late . Here the best Zindagi ki talash quotes in hindi tells about the keep patience to achive the goals of life.

 Zindagi ki talash mein najane kitne ate hai

    Par bhatak se jate hai anjane raho par  

  Zindagi ka Safar toh unka pura hota hai 

 Jo bhatak ke bhi manzil dhund lete hai

         Manzil ki talaash hindi shayari 

       ज़िन्दगी की तलाश में नजाने कितने आते है 
            पर भटक से जाते है अनजाने रहो पर ,
         जिन्दगी  का सफर तो उनका पूरा होता है 
             जो भटक के भी मंज़िल ढूंढ लेते है । 
  ज़िन्दगी  में Manzil ki talash Hindi shayari image  

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Zindagi mein मंजिल की तलाश  Voice audio Mp3 shayari in hindi listen at any time .

This Manzil ki talash shayri is the ture dedication for the Mount worriers ,who Scale up Mt. Everest and Achive the victory .

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