Latest Zindagi sad shayari status in hindi |new two liner life shayari in hindi

Zindagi Two Liner very Sad shayari in Hindi  

Zindagi shayri represent the every situation in is like a coin,it has two face either Win or Loose. If You achive something then happy or if You lost Some How then Feel very sad For it. Very sad Zindagi sharyi in hindi ,Actually crave the Feeling of the situation when any one Goes through the Same environment. 

Here some Twoliner zindagi shayari or Shayari on life ,says the feelings on particular situation ,How much any one feel the Happiness or sadness with the Fortune or Unfortune of Life.

 Zindagi ki kahani sad shayari in hindi

This Zindagi shayari actually feels about the life ,that every life have its Own story. the Story of Life Or zindagi ki kahani says about the situation creates in the Path of Life. 

     Haal aye jindagi shayari in hindi 

Yeh jindagi kyu aishe tadpati hai

Jaha pyar nhi bas yadein reh jati hai 

             यह जिंदगी क्यों ऐशे तड़पती है 
जहा प्यार नहीं बस यादें रह जाती है 

  jindagi mein woh nhi sad shayari two liner

   Jindagi bhi badi ajib hoti hai 
Jishe tum chaho wohi nhi milti  hai 


जिंदगी भी बड़ी अजीब होती हैं 
जिसे तुम चाहो बही नहीं मिलती है ।

Life or zindagi Sad shayari is the situation of feeling sadness for the love. For more shayari keep updated with us.

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