Best Motivational Shayari & inspirational Shayari in hindi| Success life Motivational Quotes status

 Sucess Motivational Shayari 

Motivation is need in every step of life. From our Childhood to adolescence there is always some special person motivate us for best doing in life.
The Best motivational for student is the first teacher ,means their parents. Parents are always holding hands and support in every stage of life. We all listen some Motivational thoughts of great personality for Sacrificed their life for Country's respect.

Motivational thoughts & Shayari boost the Moral of life. In Schools to upto Higher education career we all motivated from our Surroundings environment. The behaviour of the person changes according to their Environment status. In Many general knowledge books and Moral lesson books wrote the Famous popular personality around the world. For motivating Children there are Lots of events organised by the Teachers to encourage their performance. 

For children the best motivational & inspirational personality thoughts are Swami Vivekananda , Abraham Lincon, Mahatma Gandhi,Madam Curie, APJ Abdul Kalam,Ramanujan,Goutam Buddha. These famous personalities motivational thoughts encourage the students for making the life decisions and keep concentration to Focus on study .

Famous Motivational Quotes about life in hindi 

In Our Life always get inspiration from many persons ,who guide in the every path of our life. Some time motivation comes from the Failure and some times motivation come from dedication.but in Life Motivation "time and patience " are important. Life is all about the experiences and Failure steps. The Steps are important to Choose that what will happen if I Walk on this way of life.the most important for Life is the Patience ,never regrets and excuses for life. Keep doing and Focus on goals. For achieving the Goals for Students, Aspirants and Youth , Management needed. The Proper management of life needs Disciplines and Patience. Dont be patience less unless or untill never achieve towards your goal.once you achive the goal then life is going to better with happily. Here the Best life motivational quotes in hindi reflects the importance of Motivation. In Most of the Movies or books you all study and following the author for improving the better life. 

There are Many eminent Motivational Speaker Dr.vivekBindra,Sandeep Maheshwari,Sadguru swami ji all inspires by their talk with a beautiful examples of Philosophy of life. 

Two liner motivational Quotes on Life 

The two liner Motivational Quotes on life in hindi , represents the Opportunity in life comes in a proper time,So wait and keep patience and Continued on your Work,the day will be come where You Get all the High of Sucess.

Dastak deti hai jindagi har ek mod par 

Bas tum ishe Sambhalna Sikhlo 

Life always knock the door to give a Chance ,so keep patience and Follow your own way not Distract to the Other way,otherwise you lost every thing in Life and this time will never come agian,Once this Opportunity lapse from your hand ,then Only regret is Live. 

Motivational shayari in hindi about life 

     Life knocks at every turn 
    Just you learn to handle it.

 दस्तक देती है जिंदगी हर एक मोड़ पर 

    बस तुम इसे संभालना सीखलो ।

Life Motivational quotes in hindi 

The life always changes in every moment ,with life the time also changes in each step of life from our Childhood to old age,This life Motivational Shayari is about the reality of life. In the real life when the time changes everythings are left , according to its presence and absence. 

Yuh toh jindagi badal sa gaya tha 

 Jab se tumhara hath thama tha 

Ab bhi jindagi waise hi badal rahi hai 

Jab se tumne mera sath chora tha  

New  Life Motivational Shayari in Hindi 

          यूं तो जिन्दगी बदल सा गया हैं 

       जब से तुम्हारा हाथ थामा था 

      अब भी जिंदगी वैसे ही बदल रही है 

           जबसे तुमने साथ छोडा था 

लाइफ motivational Thoughts in hindi 

Every life is precious with a purpose, the creater gave a Life ,it means there is a Reason that why You are being here ,Akhir kyun hai hum yaha pe,Here the Life Motivational Thoughts is hindi for Every Students and Aspirants who Struggle for their Better life. 
       Waq aur halat ka safar Kabi nhi hai rukta 
         Yeh har paal hai Badalta rehta 
           Bas kuch koshish aur sahi
            Fir kamiyabi ka naam wahi 
             Sab khawab honge pure  
                  Jara tu firse Chal re .

The Motivational Shayari for Student life is very essential for decision in life. For More Motivational Quotes in hindi will be updated soon

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