Motivational Positive Corona virus safety shayari quotes in hindi |कोरोना सेफ्टी और लॉकडाउन पर हिंदी शायरी

Latest Corona virus News Safety Shayari in hindi 

All the world is now going through the Dangerous corona virus effects,so Plsease be Followed all the safety guidelines from the WHO.
Corona virus is the Mostly affected to the any age group. So please wear the Standard mask and Wash the hands with a soap or sanitizer.

The Govt of Many countries take some positive action for Lockdown to decrease the Rate of Effect of infection of Corona virus. In all over the world there are the No of Cases of Corona virus increases day by day,but the no of isolation centre is Few ,So most of the Patients lost their life because of Shortage of Beds and Oxygen ventilator.

So we all request you to please Stay in home to protect your life with others ,Because with your Small steps keeps Many  people life safe. So follow all the safety guidelines and SOP of Government in this Pendamic situation.

Here in this Article you Get Latest Corona safety positive Shayari quotes in hindi.most peoples are worried about the Corona virus, first we all said don't worry there are some specific symptoms of Corona virus.
If any one Feel the symptomatic then Go to the Covid centre for tests.the test can gives the surety that the person is Affected with the corona virus or not.

We salute to the Doctor's,police administration  and Corona worrier who without thinking about their life ,keep protecting us from these Pendamic Corona virus. These are all real heros who care for us ,and doing their duty from Morning to evening in all 24x7.

Corona se bachne ke liye Do gaz hai duri Mask hai jaruri Awareness is launched by the Govt of India,to aware the all the indian people's to Stay at home ,Don't come from home with out any proper reason,other wise the Police administration is Strictly take action on it.

Corona virus Safety Shayari in hindi 

       Corona safety awareness Quotes images in hindi 

       Corona virus se hai bachna 

Toh Mask aur Senitizer hamesha sath rakhna 

                     कॉरोना से है बचना 
        तो मास्क और Senitizer हमेशा साथ रखना 

NEW Covid 19 Shayari in Hindi 

       Jabse aya yeh corona 
         muskil Kar diya jina 
  Har taraf hogya hai suna suna 
Jaha dekho waha ho raha hai rona dhona 
   Ab ishse bilkul bhi mat darna 
Ishse bachne ke liye Mask aur Senitizer hamesa sath mein hi rakhna 

           जब से आया यह कोरॉना
            मुस्किल करदिया जीना
          हर तरफ हो गया है सुना सुना 
          जहा देखो वहां है रोना धोना 
          अब इससे  बिलकूल मत डरना 
   इससे बचने के लिए हमेशा मास्क और Senitizer साथ रखना ।

Covid Stay Home Quotes in hindi 

In this Pendamic situation, all corona worriers are Efficiently doing their duty,They always Protects the People from this Covid ,govt also take some action of Lockdown and Said Stay home for save other people .in this Covid Safety shayari in hindi, the Covid  Awaness is Express in funny Covid Quotes in hindi.

               Ghar par hi  sab  raho 
      Desh ko Corona mahamari se bachao 
                      घर पर ही सब रहो
          देश को Corona महामारी से बचाओ । 

     Hosake toh ghar se kam hi nikal na 
  Nhi toh police ka Lathi ke liye taiyar rehna
              होसके तो घर से कम ही निकालना 
        नहीं तो पुलिस के लाठी के लिए तैयार रहना

In this Pendamic the Situation is more Serious Critical condition in the Covid 2nd wave in 2021. The Cases of Covid is rapidly increasing ,So please Safe Your self and take the Responsibility and Obey and Follow the Covid Safety Guidelines,
Which all initiates by the Government. 

Corona Virus Safety Awareness tips :

1. Not More cases increase,but still remember to wear the mask. 

2. If Contact with any infected person then,test immediately in Covid centre .

3. If Found Any Symptoms of Covid then ,isolate in Home for (6 to 7 )days as per Doctors Concern.

These are the Basic things we all Good citizen must follow to Safe Yourself and Others from ths Covid .

Most people Feel depression with watching some Unrealistic news , Whatsapp status,so keep avoid them and Only Follow the Government Covid Awaness 2021. कोरोना से डरना नहीं है अब ,Our Scientists invents the vaccine so keep resister Your self for  Vaccination. 

Corona Safety Awareness Shayari On Vaccine

            Covid ko hai mitana 
        Toh Vaccine jarur lagana 

            Covid को है मिटाना 
         तो Vaccine jarur lagana 

Corona वैक्सीन टीका  is safe for all the Person of any age group ,so dont be belief on the Fake rumours and Protect Your Self & Others ,then Go for Covid 19 Vaccination. 
              Covid 19 se Ladhna hai 
          To Vaccine ka Dhal lagana hai 

To protect from Covid 19 Corona virus always wear a mask and Wash hand with a Senitizer and Keep social distancing.for More Covid Corona virus safety shayari in hindi  will be updated soon. 

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