Teri pehli Mohabbat shayari|Love,ishq,Pyar Mohhabat bhari ehsas shayari in hindi

Teri pehli pyar Mohhabat ka ehsaas shayri in hindi 

Mohhabat shayari is the feeling of First love ,When a person fell in love, every time he/she remembers the Craziest things which happened with them. The First love is the Most attached between the both of lover and beloved.

 The Imagination of First love feeling in every where,The Face always came in front of Eyes ,the Heart Becomes raises faster to see the Love. Pyar Mohhabat ka Ehsas na bayan kiya ja sakta hai, Means The first love feelings is evergreen ,which cannot be removed from the heart.

Here I am try to writing the Story of life of my friends and their felling of Pehla pyar ka Mohhabat love shayari,Actully I am Galti se shayar.So I am writing the shayari story of my Best friend Asish story. 

Who loved a Girl name Lichi,But she not Gave pay attention to Asish,But asish try to propose her ,but She refuse with tell him a word that hum achhe dost hai,then Ashish make her try to understand but she said that ,pls try to understand that we are close friends from our first day of College meet .

After listen the Asish feel sad for One sided love and he try a propose one more time Lichi ,but Lichi slap him.
After that incident asish Heart broke up and He try to forgot her ,but it's not possible to him. Then he wrote Shayari Ghazals ,for Sad Love. Asish Wrote a Lot of beautiful shyari for his friends for helping in him love. 

Some of his friends tell him to Show your Pehla pyar shayari in Shayri Open mic platform, He Went to the Open mic Show and Perform his Quotes,Lot of Audience Clap for it. In there He Got a chance to Write a Lyrics for Song to Mohhabat .

   Mera Pehla pyar tha bahut khas 
Jo hemsha rahega mere dil ke pass

This first Love feeling is most Divine and pure ture love,The Love feeling Can Always Told mind that ,For getting the love ,What ever may be the situations ,Either Do or die for Love.Pyar aur Mohhabat bhari shayri zindagi me khusiya le ata hai. 

The Love feelings are many different types ,if we want to Make it's classification ,it's seems to be many different kinds, in Mythological times the Divine love means the selfless love towards the God,here also the Who fell in love they think that we not seen the God ,but the God Seen in the Love. so Love is also a worship. 

In here the Pyar Mohhabat ka ehsaas shayari in hindi, describes the ture selfless  love for Lover and beloved. this Mohhabat Shayari express the mood of feelings ,what happen that someone get the first love and Some one who Not Got the First love. This Love shayari is the two Feelings Of heart.

Pyar Mohhabat Shayari in hindi 

This is the new payar Mohhabat long Shayari Gazal in hindi, here the boyfriend exprees the Felling of first love of Life,He remember the every moment of life how they meet each other and How they Separate for some reason,But still not forgot his first love and Waiting for her way of Return in life.

      Dil tune yeh kya kar diya Love status image 

beinmtahan Mohhabat two Liner Love shayari 

        Chahate हुए भी उनसे Mohhabat हो गया 
                 ए Dil ये  तुने क्या kar diya 

Pehla pyar bahara Mohhabat ka Ehsaas shayari in hindi 

Long गजल शेरो sahayri 

Na chahte hue bhi unse mohabbat ho gaya... (2) 
Aye dill yeh tu kya kar gaya 

Or kasam khaye the humne ke isbar mohabbat nhi karenge... (2) 

Aye dill yeh kasm kese chut gaya

Or galati kiski hai jo yeh dill tujhpe aagaya... (2) 

Pehli nazar main hi tera hogya... 
Chal maanle meri baat, aa pakadle mera hath.... (2) 

Jo kisi ke sath na bitaya, woh pal bitaunga tere sath.... 
Gussa bhi karunga or mohabbat bhi karunga... (2) 

Tuh agar ruth jaye toh tujhe mana bhi lunga.... 
Or nazar se nazar milake khuch toh kehde jana....(2) 

Main tera kabtak intezaar karta rahunga.... 
Samaye bit rahe hain, Aashayen toot rahe hain..... (2) 

Gyeron ke sath sath apne bhi chut rahe hain...
Nadi ke kinare baith ke kuch toh soch raha hun... (2) 

Tere bare main Gyeron se puch raha hun... 
Ab intezar nahi hota tere aaneka... (2) 

Nazane main aisa kyun ho raha hun.... 
Aa Aake dekh zara.... (2) 
Jahan pehlibar mile the wohin pe intezaar kar raha hun....

Pehli Mohabbat is the gift for me ,by the My Beloved Sweet memory,which always memorable in my Core of inner heart. Her every remarkable memory touched my presence soul. 

Pehli Mohabbat ki Chahat ka ehsaas 

Pehli Mohabbat ka ehasas bhi bahut khas hota hai 

  Jaha Pyar ki Yadein hamesha pas hota hai 

  Jitna bhi dur rehne ki koshish karlo 

Woh hamesha tumhe bechain karta hai.

  पहली  मोहब्बत का एहसास भी बहुत ख़ास होता है 

         जहा प्यार की यादें हमेशा पास  होता है ।

         जितना  भी दूर रहने कि कोशिश करलो 
              वो हमेशा तुम्हे बेचैन करता है ।

Sacchi Mohabbat shayari quotes in English 

The feeling of first love is also very awsome

  Where memories of love always in heart.

        Try to stay as far as possible
       He always makes you restless 

Here the Pehli Mohabbat ka Pyar bhara Ehsaas  love shayari Mp3 Audio ringtone ,So you can Listen in any mood of time ,when Remember the पहली सच्ची मोहब्बत Love Shayari in hindi 

In here The Love Mohabbat shayari is the beautiful feelings which never erased from heart. Most lover After Separation still remember the Pehli Mohhabat ka Ehsaas which always be the part of life.for more Mohhabat Shayari keep Join and Updated with us, we will Upload More new Love shayari in hindi soon. 

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